Ford Vehicle Factory Orders in Cardston, AB

Any of the once-in-a-lifetime world events that have occurred over the last few years have caused untold challenges in almost every aspect of life. The automotive industry and CSL Ford isn’t immune to those changes. Whether it’s serving our customers through a pandemic or making adaptations along the way because of inventory shortages, we’ve always found a way to bring you the best possible service we can. Our partners at Ford Motor Company are supporting new vehicle sales by encouraging people to place factory orders through dealerships like CSL Ford.

How Do You Place a Factory Order?

One of the challenges that we’re going to be dealing with for a long time is inventory shortages because of a global lack of computer chips. This isn’t anyone’s idea of a great situation, but the solution, making factory orders, offers some unique advantages to customers. In fact, placing a factory order is very easy, and any CSL Ford product expert will be happy to help you along the way.

CSL Ford customers can start the factory ordering process from the comfort of their homes using the build & price tool available here. From there, future buyers will just need to pick the model that will fit their needs and follow the simple steps to outfit their vehicle. Once they’re done making all of those important choices, they can visit the CSL Ford showroom, and we’ll walk them through the rest of the process.

Once a customer places their order with Ford at our showroom, there are a few things they will need to keep in mind.

  • Prices, incentives and interest rates are locked through the production process.
  • However, if the ordered vehicle gets built in the subsequent model year, the prices and interest rates will not carry over. Those numbers will reflect the new model year pricing and incentives from the manufacturer.
  • Also, if the product falls into the next model year because of factory allotment, the customer will be able to obtain the incentives available for the new model year.

Advantages of Placing a Ford Factory Order

In the past, when people shopped for a vehicle at a dealership, they were more or less limited to what was available in the showroom or on the lot. Factory orders were thought of as a tool limited to ultra-high-end vehicles. That was never really the case, and the current state of the automotive industry only further erodes that misconception. There are a couple of important advantages to placing a factory order through the dealership. These advantages include getting exactly the car, truck, or SUV that you want to have in your driveway. Buyers will be able to choose the exact colour, set of features and options, as well as not having to pay for anything they don’t really want to have.

Additionally, CSL Ford offers short-order lineups, meaning that when someone places a factory order with us, they can expect to receive their vehicle faster than they would at a dealership in a more populated area with more people ahead of them in line.

CSL Ford can offer customers help finding the exact vehicle they want to take home. Our small-town, personalized service is just the beginning of what sets us apart from the competition. Make an appointment with one of our product experts, today, to learn more about this process.