Check Out How Much More Space the 2023 Expedition MAX Has

A photo of a family loading up a 2023 Ford Expedition MAX.

How Much Bigger is the 2023 Ford Expedition MAX?

The Ford Expedition is one of the automaker’s most recognizable SUV models in production. It offers three rows of seats and towing capabilities that actually rival the F-150. However, that wasn’t enough for some buyers, leading Ford to introduce the Expedition MAX. In terms of features and equipment, the 2023 Expedition and Expedition MAX are nearly identical. The real difference between the two models comes down to the physical dimensions of each version. Buyers choosing the Expedition Max will get a longer, wider, and taller platform, which translates into more interior space. Let’s take a closer look at the 2023 Ford Expedition MAX. 

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2023 Ford Expedition MAX Exterior Dimensions

If someone were to look at the 2023 Ford Expedition MAX and the standard version Expedition, it might not be immediately clear that the two are terribly different. The Max model has a wheelbase and overall length measurements that are a little more than 200 mm longer than the standard model. Take a look at the table below for a little more context about the vehicles’ exterior differences.

2023 Ford Expedition 2023 Ford Expedition MAX
Wheelbase (mm) 3,112 3,342
Length (mm) 5,333 5,635
Height (mm) 1,941 1,936
Max. Width (mm) 2,373 2,373
Front/Rear Track (mm) 1,716 / 1,708 1,716 / 1,78
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 248 246

Expedition MAX Cargo Volume

The place where the 2023 Ford Expedition really separates itself from the standard version and the rest of the class is in cargo volume. While both the 2023 Expedition MAX and standard Expedition can both accommodate eight passengers, the MAX model offers exponentially more cargo volume.

 2023 Ford Expedition 2023 Ford Expedition MAX
Cargo Volume, Behind 1st Row (L/cu.-ft.)  2,961.7 / 104.6  3,439.2 / 121.5
Cargo Volume, Behind 2nd Row (L/cu.-ft.)  1,627.0 / 57.5  2,076.8 / 73.3
Cargo Volume, Behind 3rd Row (L/cu.-ft.)  546.4 / 19.3  2,253.8 / 34.3

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